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Headquartered in France and operating worldwide, GBC is an experienced management consultancy focused on preventing and mitigating exceptional corporate and personal risks. Such risks typically include fraud, malpractice, espionage and data theft, conflicts of interest, extortion, blackmailing, kidnap & ransom, parallel trade & other commercial malpractice, counterfeiting, unfair competition and theft.

GBC is a strike force - in which every member has an international business background - working closely with a global network of reliable resources to develop dependable intelligence on which our clients can base critical executive decisions. Our expertise is two-pronged: commercial and Financial investigations on the one hand, asset and personal protection on the other.


  • 12 years of corporate intelligence and security services serving our clients in various industries such as the Energy sector, Asset Management and Private Equity, Cosmetic and Fragrance Industry, automotive sector, Real Estate and many others.

  • More than 1.000 projects carried out around the world since inception: Due diligence, Vetting, Asset Searches, Asset appraisals, Fraud investigations and Reputation / Integrity searches.


Founded in France in 2005 GBC will celebrate in 2017 12 years of high value added services helping our clients to take successful decisions. Incorporated in Paris, GBC serves worldwide with a network of partners and correspondents.

Our Skills

Due diligence
Asset Search
Corporate Fraud Investigation
Other Corporate Research
Security services

Risks & Offers

When contemplating mergers & acquisitions, joint ventures, strategic partnerships or new business opportunities, you may encounter signs or issues which raise doubts about a transaction or its underlying funding and which cannot be audited by standard accounting tools. We will first spend time listening to your situation’s particulars and any doubts you may have prior to analyzing the risks associated with the complex political, social, environmental and economic issues at stake. Our clients rely on us to provide practical advice to solve issues that they are ill-equipped to tackle with internal resources.

Additional, reliable information may be difficult to obtain, particularly in emerging or protected markets. The “wrong” decision - be it to proceed, hold or withdraw - could damage your financial position and reputation. In such situations, critical and precise business intelligence makes the difference as well as the associated data on key decision makers or parties to be influenced. It is a powerful tool besides the traditional due diligence building blocks (strategy, procurement, finance, IT, human resources, product management, R&D and production technologies).

Our experience has taught us to look beyond the first impression, expect the unforeseen and take nothing for granted from the outset until a project’s completion. We therefore cross-check the information we gather to ensure its accuracy and validity. Armed with this intelligence and the conclusions and recommendations drawn from it, our clients are able to make important decisions quickly and confidently or to adjust their strategies or tactics without having to divert their focus from core management issues. There are many reasons why managers need to double check on the identity of prospective business partners, co-investors or intermediaries or verify the legitimacy or legality of financial transactions.

GBC has developed specific know-how to :

  • Validate key project components
  • Confirm issues communicated by third parties
  • Assess the legality of an operation against international finance and tax law and your prospective partner's morality and ethics

Every year, billions of Euros in currency and convertible instruments are fraudulently diverted from legitimate businesses into offshore accounts. GBC has an outstanding track record in rigorously and relentlessly tracing fraudulent transactions, identifying illicit proceeds from fraud, following paper trails and unraveling offshore structures. Our objective is always to achieve maximum recovery with minimum delay and publicity.

Where the best prospects for recovery lie in civil or criminal litigation, we work to gather all the necessary evidence to enable our clients’ lawyers to act successfully on their behalf. Asset appraisal work orchestrated by GBC may also help evaluate asset recovery chances prior to engaging into potentially costly legal proceedings. GBC is also advising on tax fraud issues, accounting malpractice, sensitive data protection as well as intellectual property infringement and employee misconduct cases.

We also provide monitoring services by generating information alerts based on proprietary data mining technology. Such intelligence may be used for acquisition / divesture or as takeover protection measures.

Parties to litigation may need extraordinary intelligence to protect their positions and, further, win their cases. It is often not possible or cost effective for lawyers or corporate teams to gather information of this depth and complexity. Consequently, major law firms and their clients retain GBC to research, document and organize facts and figures and provide greater insight on critical issues or/and hidden liabilities, especially in emerging countries which have undergone drastic transitions. This helps our clients confirm or deny statements and corroborate cases before courts, tribunals and arbitrators all over the world.

For cases of ongoing litigation, GBC will contribute protecting your interests by validating claims and also by evaluating if your opponents have gathered enough substantial evidence to justify legal action. We also enable the identification of key information sources and help evaluate financials stakes and define counter-strategies with management and corporate lawyers.

Our international capabilities in this area enable corporate lawyers to make the most productive use of their time and win cases that might otherwise have been lost through lack of information.

Our proven methodology consists in :

  • Validate key project components
  • Investigate financial structures, transactions and transaction networks
  • Identify the individuals and businesses involved

Threats to an organization’s interests and reputation may come from any number of sources such as disloyal staff, unscrupulous distributors or unprincipled competitors. Such threats can take numerous forms ranging from fraud, breaches of intellectual property rights, contract infringement, breaches of confidentiality agreements, conflicts of interest, extortion, espionage or sabotage.

GBC provides end-to-end support by first analyzing and mapping the nature and extent of potential vulnerabilities before designing, implementing and testing improved systems and procedures to mitigate risk exposure. We thereby contribute towards more timely and safer investments (as well as divestments) for our clients. Dependable, usable pre-emptive intelligence is vital. One of the services we provide in this area is discreet screening of candidates for mid to senior executive management positions, seeking out qualitative cross-referenced information and investigating any causes for concern.

Through our research of subcontractor service providers, we enable our clients to perform rapid checks on third party individuals with potential access to sensitive data anywhere in the world. This is typically seen in IT, site security, cleaning services or R&D subcontracting arrangements at medium to large companies with international reach. Subcontractor integrity screening provides a first level of protection against fraudsters or penetration attempts by foreign governments with diverging interests. GBC pre-employment screening services are useful for our clients to confirm the credentials of prospective or existing top and middle management employees. In high technology sectors, our research has helped substantiate share price manipulation issues.

The GBC risk analysis team also provides comprehensive IT system safety audits, both on site and remotely. Our remit often means running practical awareness training seminars on business risks and risk prevention at an international level. Dismantling parallel trade in wholesale and retail operations.

Many multinational corporations operate in high risk environments. This requires practical preventive measures in place as well as proven contingency plans during acute crisis response situations when stress levels have to be kept to a minimum.

Furthermore, there is the ever-increasing risk of proprietary information loss through inadequate vigilance. Expert solutions are needed to make comprehensive risk assessments and conduct loss prevention surveys to establish appropriate levels of security throughout the corporation.

Our security specialists provide the necessary professional support in these areas. GBC can act as a provider of crisis prevention & management services. This entails providing personal awareness training and close protection / surveillance teams for potentially vulnerable individuals and their relatives around the world. Most importantly, proper crisis management and security services means assigning the right specialists to perform the job, which you can expect from GBC, including recommending the most capable specialists in kidnap & ransom, crisis communications, personal security, forensic expertise and insurance on an ad hoc basis. Providing efficient vital protection for executives and their relatives

Why GBC ?


Acting with speed, flair and discretion.


Given the sensitivity and confidentiality of many of the assignments we handle, we conduct all our work with the utmost discretion.

Our Methodology

Along the years and built on successful experiences, GBC has developed a methodology to gather information in a prudent and successful way; maybe not the fastest or the cheapest, but certainly the safest – which remains GBC’s main concern.




Scientia Potentia Est


Our network is worldwide. To deliver first hand intelligence, we rely on a network of local partners, correspondents, and consultants working in various fields of work and intelligence: retired government forces staff, private investigators, chartered accountants, investment bankers and a vast array of contacts in several commercial and industrial fields.

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